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Retail Pay: What’s In Your Wallet?

Against the backdrop of the national debate over executive salaries and a $15/hour minimum wage, USA Today compiled a list of the 76 top-earning CEOs in retail, and broke down their salary and compensation packages into an hourly wage.

The results are startling: Based on a 40-hour work week, many pull in the equivalent of thousands of dollars an hour.

Topping the list is CVS CEO Larry Merlo, who’s good for $13,915 every 60 minutes, the newspaper reported.

Other Top 10 names may be more familiar. Wal-Mart Stores CEO Doug McMillon (No. 4) earns $9,323/hour; Lowe’s chief executive Robert Niblock (No. 7) gets $6,325; and Best Buy chairman/president/CEO Hubert Joly follows in eighth place with $6,220 an hour.

The report, available here, was released as word comes of Target raising its starting wage by a buck, to $10/hour, following a similar move by Walmart and Sam’s Club in January.