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Rebate Checks Printed At Home

A new program that permits consumers to print their own rebate checks on standard paper with home or office printers has been developed by The Express Group, a rebate and product fulfillment house based here, and EMO Corp. of Austin, Texas.

The process, based on EMO’s Print Your Own technology, utilizes e-mail to send rebates to qualified recipients. Sponsors may apply a printing fee, which can turn rebate acceptance into a revenue source, and a portion of the printed page is available for additional branding and marketing messages, including coupons, sales announcements or directed personal messages.

The check itself is cobranded and is negotiable at any United States bank.

Tests with live rebates and customers were successfully conducted over the winter, the companies said, which indicated increases in customer loyalty and satisfaction. Research has also shown that over 60 percent of consumers would pay $2 to receive a $50 rebate faster and electronically.

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