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RadioShack Extends Range Of Product Mix

Christmas came early this year when RadioShack previewed highlights of its fourth quarter product line for the trade here earlier this month.

The sneak peek underscored the company’s determination to diversify its assortment with unique and often proprietary items, many direct-sourced through its Asian buying offices. The high margin, gift-appropriate collection runs the gamut from novelty CE to toys and safety and wellness products. Here’s a sampling:

Consumer Electronics

Besides mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, DVD players and the third-quarter introduction of Monster Cable accessories and Sirius’ portable radio receiver, boombox and docking stations, RadioShack is stocking up on novelty electronics for the gift-giving season. These include Kameleon’s 8-in-1 TV remote control ($79.99), which features striking graphics and built-in finder; a proprietary handheld color TV with 2.5-inch LCD screen ($129.99); and IVL’s microphone-shaped handheld Karaoke machine which downloads songs to its 64MB onboard memory and can automatically correct pitch and change key ($79.99).

Power supplies

Batteries remain a cornerstone of RadioShack’s business, but the company is expanding that base to include chargers and adapters from iGo. The supplier’s everywherepower15, for example, is a 15-watt charger that can charge or operate two low-powered devices simultaneously. The unit, which will retail for $59.99, has an AC/DC adapter and automatically sets the correct voltage for each connected device. RadioShack is also carrying iGo’s 70-watt Juice Power adapter ($119.99) for use with notebook computers and other low-powered mobile CE.


RadioShack will use its enhanced supply-chain prowess to expand its seasonal assortment. This year’s offerings include an expansive collection of infant and toddler learning toys by Child Guidance and an extensive selection of radio-controlled cars, including new customizable micro ZipZaps and larger XMODS models.

The chain will also offer exclusive hardware and software bundles for Nintendo’s GameBoy Advance ($149.99) and GameCube.

Safety and Wellness

RadioShack found riches in spa-type niches, and so pursues that direction with a LifeWise HEPA air purifier ($99.99), a vibrating rolling foot massager ($19.99) and a massaging bath pillow ($19.99).


For slobs on the go, RadioShack will carry a portable, battery-operated ultrasonic cleaner/stain remover that will sale for $39.99.