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PARA Attends First CES Since Joining CEA

The Professional Audio Video Retailers Association (PARA) held its first CES soirée this week since becoming a fully sanctioned division of CEA in June.

The deal, which dovetailed with PARA’s 25th anniversary, gave the group a seat on the CEA board while maintaining its own independent board elected by PARA retail members.

PARA’s president John Flanner, principal of Flanner’s, said the integration of the two organizations is “going real well. We spent last year putting our structure in place within CEA’s.”

The current focus, Flanner said, is on educational programs, with several PARA initiatives expected to be rolled out in the second quarter.

On the product front, Flanner noted that widespread adoption of media servers and plug-and-play technology for distributed audio will be more a boon for the component business than a threat to home integrators. “It will bring about a real resurgence in music and renewed interest in higher fidelity audio,” he said.