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OnQ’s iPhone 12 Retail Security Brackets Available Now

Custom-fit, OnQ Dfi On-Demand brackets reach retailers in just a few days

OnQ, designer, engineer and manufacturer of custom retail displays announced the availability of model-specific retail security brackets for the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone Pro Max – producing the first brackets within hours of Apple’s unveiling of the new iPhone line.

“Traditionally if a retailer wanted to display a new phone at launch, they would either have to use a clunky adjustable bracket, wait weeks for a custom security bracket, or wade through their bracket inventory to see if one of their existing brackets may fit,” said Paul Chapuis, CEO of OnQ in a statement. “We didn’t think retailers should have to make these compromises, so we built a new platform to eliminate them altogether. Dfi On-Demand empowers retailers to display new products immediately after launch, with a bracket solution that’s as secure as it is beautiful.”

OnQ’s new Dfi™ On-Demand manufacturing platform enables on-demand production of custom retail security brackets. The immediacy and flexibility of this innovative manufacturing platform enables OnQ to deliver custom-sized security brackets for virtually any new phone or tablet. Same-day production and quick shipping options enable retailers to display newly announced products on their shelves within a day or two of launch.

OnQ’s patent-pending Dfi On-Demand security brackets are manufactured on demand using a sophisticated in-line robotics production line. Bracket components are laser-cut from stainless steel and then shaped to perfectly fit the outside edges of the product to be displayed. The bracket contour matches the exact radius and shape of the phone or tablet, which results in an incredibly elegant and secure bracket. OnQ’s new brackets surpass the security standards of the toughest retail environments including Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club and many others, while elegant enough to conform to Apple’s exacting design standards.

OnQ’s new Dfi On-Demand online design portal makes it easy for retailers to order retail security brackets for iPhone 12. Retailers simply select the model and table type of their retail display (slot, hole, perforated metal) to build their very own custom security brackets. Additionally, ordering on mobile includes an augmented reality (AR) visualization tool that enables the retailer to virtually “place” the bracket on their existing display surface to visualize how the bracket will appear in their store environment. The AR visualization tool makes it possible to view brackets from any angle, including the underside of the table, to ensure it will mount properly to the retailer’s existing display surface.

Retailers can visit to design and shop OnQ’s current inventory of Dfi On-Demand brackets. In addition to the new iPhone 12, OnQ also offers custom-sized security brackets for the recently announced iPad Air, as well as the new 8th-generation iPad and Apple Watch Series 6. OnQ has stock on hand and ready to ship for next-day delivery.

About OnQ 
Founded in 2004 and incorporated in 2007, OnQ’s modular, flexible retail display platform enables retailers and brands to easily and cost-effectively refresh product assortment with minimal disruption. The company’s displays are used to showcase a variety of product categories, including consumer electronics, home automation, pet care, health & beauty and household products. For more information, visit

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