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Online Wearables Store Open For Business

Philadelphia – What may be the first standalone e-commerce site for wearable devices has opened its virtual doors to the public.

The Wearables Store, located at, is the brainchild of Stephen Spivak, president/founder of Screen Dreams, a distributor and developer of smart TV screensaver applications.

Spivak’s inspiration for the site came from 2014 CES, where crowd-funded startups and established players like Apple, Google and Samsung were all throwing their hats into the IoT ring.

“I realized pretty quickly that there was a need on both the consumer and manufacturer level for an independent website that speaks for the wearable and IoT technology community by providing up-to-date industry news, fair and in-depth product reviews, educational product guides, blogs, and more,” he recalled. “So I set out to build a site that aggregates all these exciting new products together for direct purchase in a one-stop-shop experience for consumers.”

Spivak leveraged his relationships with distributors and manufacturers to cull critical mass for his assortment, which, by the end of the summer, is expected to encompass roughly 80 percent of all wearable and IoT products currently in the market, he said.

To date The Wearables Store carries about 300 products and over 30 brands, including such lines as Lifetrak, Liquid Image, Metawatch, Misfit, Muse, Pivothead, Runtastic, Sanho and VSN Mobile. Spivak said he “aggregates and curates the  best products” for the Shopify-hosted site, spanning all manner of smart watches, fitness bands, smart glasses, headphones, connected accessories and apparel, and passes on the cost savings of his vendor-direct and distributor-fulfillment relationships to customers.

Spivak faces stiff competition from the wearables sections of established sites like, Staples, Sears and others, although Biren Desai, sales director at Runtastic, lauded the start-up’s singular, superstore-like focus. “We are very excited to be a new addition to the family of brands that The Wearables Store carries,” he said. “It’s a great website that caters to our needs by focusing and selling only wearable and IoT products.”

Spivak formally launched the store at last month’s CE Week show in New York. For more information, contact him at [email protected].