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Online Inventory Tracker To Expand Into CE Market

NEW YORK — RightFreight, a company founded in 1999 that has developed a collaborative logistics platform to track parts and inventory from the manufacturing plant through the entire supply chain, is looking to expand its customer base into the consumer electronics industry.

Matt Tucker, president of RightFreight, said that the company thinks its technology can improve OEM supplier-to-manufacturer and manufacturer-to-retailer relationships.

The company, which is backed by former American Express CEO Jim Robinson III and Lawrence A. Bossidy, ex-CEO of Allied Signal, feels that its technology can improve customer and supplier relationships, provide greater supply-chain controls, enhance decision-making and execution, as well as reduce costs.

RightFreight’s Internet-native technology platform ensures rapid implementation and fast return on investment, leveraging existing software investments to accelerate deployment without traditional heavy resource commitments, the firm said.

RightFreight added that the benefits of its system include enhanced supply-chain control, improved customer and supplier relationships, reduced costs, and enhanced decision making and execution. For further information, see