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Newegg Sets 1-Ton Recycling Goal


is looking to divert 1 ton of CE
products from landfills this month.

The eco-friendly “1 Ton Challenge”
campaign, running through April 30,
leverages the CE/IT e-tailer’s trade-in
and recycling program, managed by

The service provides free shipping for
qualified pre-owned CE items including
cellphones, laptops, gaming consoles,
MP3 players and digital cameras, which
are accepted in exchange for Newegg
gift cards.

The weight of the traded items will
be counted toward the landfill diversion

To help mark “Earth Month,” Newegg
and Gazelle will contribute $1 for every
box of used CE they receive from
Newegg customers to EarthEra Renewable
Energy Trust, a program created
by NextEra Energy Resources to help
individuals and companies reduce their
carbon impact and participate in the development
of future renewable projects.

“Many people these days are looking
for ways they can help preserve the
environment and do their part to contribute
to a sustainable society,” noted
Newegg marketing, web management
and customer service VP Bernard Luthi.
“We’re proud to be able to offer our
customers a trade-in program that gives
them an alternative to simply throwing
their used gear in the trash.”

The “1 Ton Challenge” campaign also
includes a recycling partnership with
Cloud Blue, a U.S.-based recycler that
is eStewards-certified by the Basel Action
Network (BAN) advocacy group
for pledging to use only safe, globally
responsible means to process e-waste.