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NEW Moves Beyond Product Protection With New Features & Options


NEW, a leading third-party administrator
of extended-service plans (ESPs) and warranties, has
introduced a new spate of service offerings that it said
will raise the bar for consumer electronics protection programs.

The new entries, which include gaming bundles, enhanced
tablet coverage, registration incentives, monthly
billing and tech-support plans, elevate the concept of a
traditional service plan by bringing benefits beyond product
protection and providing consumers with additional
features that allow them to add value to their purchases
from the day they buy their product, NEW said.

“With the interconnected world we live in today, the
needs of the customer are constantly changing,” noted
NEW president/CEO Tony Nader. “We recognize this
and, through our research and focus groups, we know
consumers are looking for robust protection
for their technology that extends
beyond yesterday’s break-fix service
plan model.

“We want the customers to realize
the value of their service plan from day
one of purchase,” Nader continued,
“and we provide them with options to
enhance the enjoyment of their product beyond the point
of sale. NEW is dedicated to providing our retail partners
and consumers with a comprehensive suite of unparalleled
product protection services, from 24/7/365 tech
support to technology buyback programs to service and
replacement options.”

New features and options available to retailers beyond
the traditional break-fix model include:

Tablet plan coverage:

the unique product protection needs
surrounding tablet computers and an
upward trend in the amount of tablet repairs,
which can cost 50 percent to100
percent of the tablet’s original price,
NEW has customized its offerings with
coverage of accidental damage from
handling as well as registration incentives.

Monthly billing:

NEW provides consumers with flexibility
surrounding the upfront cost to protect their products. With monthly billing, consumers who
are budget-conscious are able to protect their
products with smaller installment payments
over the course of the contract.

Gaming bundles:

With the purchase of
NEW service plans on popular gaming consoles,
the consumer has the option to purchase
additional video games over the term of the
service plan and have those protected as well,
providing additional entertainment value.

Registration incentives:

NEW also provides
registration incentives and upgrade options
for consumers who register their service
plans online. Upon registering, consumers can
take advantage of free offers and upgrades including
buyback programs, identity theft protection
and various tech-support services, such
as free virus removal and data backup.

Tech solutions:

Looking beyond the physical
protection of electronics, NEW service
plans also provide consumers with select techsupport
solutions from online troubleshooting
to virus protection through its partnership with
PlumChoice, a pioneer in delivery of remote
technical solutions. Outside of service plans,
NEW also offers pure tech-support plans
providing a broad array of tech support options
ranging from diagnostics, peripheral and Facebook setup, and virus and malware removal, to
hardware configuration, data backup, and PC tune-ups.

“Our goal is to increase consumer awareness about
the benefits of service plans and change the notion that
service plans only deliver value if a product breaks,” said
NEW sales, marketing and product development VP
Rob DiRocco. “Today’s service plan provides a turnkey
solution for the continued enjoyment and protection of
consumer electronics, and we hope that we are able
to communicate this long-term value to consumers, especially
in an age of conscious consumption and frugal

In other NEW news, the company has launched a
new mobile app, ServiceBenchSM Mobile, to aid repair
professionals during in-home service calls. Available for
iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices, the app helps
servicers organize their repair appointments for the day,
keep track of “open” jobs or jobs that are in need of follow-
up, search for additional claims and in-home service
calls in their area, locate customers through directional
technology, and order necessary parts for repair, while
increasing NEW’s visibility into the customer repair cycle,
the company said.

“We can further improve the user experience by providing
users with a tool that not only enhances and expedites
the administrative aspect of their business but
that will also increase their ability to provide a seamless
customer experience while out in the field,” said Louis
Rose, operations VP for ServiceBench.

ServiceBench is NEW’s advanced technology platform
that enables fully automated scheduling and dispatching
with reporting capabilities. It facilitates communication
between service administrator and service
provider, and aids in the parts-ordering process by allowing
visibility into multiple inventories at one time, the
company said.

NEW provides comprehensive customer care to more
than 150 million consumers worldwide through a network
of more than 35,000 qualified service professionals,
access to a vast parts network and 4,000 dedicated
customer care representatives.