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Nationwide’s Plan To Siphon Sears, hhgregg Shoppers

The Nationwide Marketing Group is stepping up its share-grab efforts with a new marketing campaign designed to snatch up stray Sears and hhgregg customers.

The initiative, dubbed “Bigger Isn’t Better … Better is Better,” is the next phase of the group’s 2 ½-year-long “Prepare For Share” program that provides member dealers with detailed local market analyses, tailored merchandising strategies and in-store marketing collateral.

The newest effort now implores members to “Take Your Share” by stressing their service, selection and pricing advantages directly to consumers via a comprehensive media package developed by Nationwide’s PrimeMedia TV and production house.

According to PrimeMedia chief Steve Bryant, the “Better is Better” messaging includes broadcast commercials, web pre-roll versions, social media text-driven options and descriptive still images. There’s also a sister campaign for dealers in expansion mode, which emphasizes that “while our members are growing, the big boxes are going,” Bryant said.

Nationwide merchandising exec Patrick Maloney noted that “This campaign leads up to a summer packed with our largest-ever array of high-impact promotional events backed by group exclusive merchandising, marketing and training support. It’s been gratifying to see our preparation for this opportunity begin paying dividends as our members begin to take their share and more of current opportunities.”

Nationwide, with $15 billion in sales from its 3,500 appliance, CE, and home furnishings dealers, has long pressed its members to act as savvy, nimble and aggressive marketplace competitors, while providing the tools to do so.

In recent months the appeal became a clarion call as hhgregg edged further toward oblivion and Sears continues its market share slide.