More Games Mean More Store Traffic

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— Video games will be relied upon to drive tweens and teens store traffic, taking space from CDs and DVDs in stores.

With the upsurge in music and video downloads, the chain is cutting the amount of real estate of the shinny discs.

Mike Vitelli, president/Americas, said that the same number of CDs and DVDs will be carried by Best Buy online, but that each store - depending upon local tastes – will each have their own mix. Best Buy will also carry more Blu-ray titles.

The vacated space will be taken by motion space gaming and an area of handling tradeins of video games, the latter of which is being rolled out now with up to 1000 locations being targeted, given local regulations about trading and selling used products, he noted.

Vitelli told TWICE, “This is definitely a traffic driver for us.”


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