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Mobile Phone Tops ‘Must-Have’ List

What’s the one CE device that consumers say they can’t live without? If you guessed TV, you’d be wrong.

The question was recently put to 2,620 shoppers in CE chain stores nationwide by TWICE and Campaigners, a full-service field sales and marketing agency based here.

The majority of respondents, 36.5 percent, cited mobile phones as their No. 1 “must-have” item, followed closely by personal computers with 32.3 percent of responses. “My cellphone is my lifeline to everyone I know,” one consumer said, while another cited her notebook computer “because it puts everything I need at my fingertips and allows me to hold all the information I need for school or work.”

TVs came in a distant third with 11 percent of the votes, followed by digital cameras with 7.6 percent and MP3 players with 3.6 percent. Of the latter, 62 percent (or 2.3 percent of all respondents) specifically cited iPod as the one CE product they couldn’t live without.

Alarmingly, only 0.3 percent of shoppers queried put washing machines at the top of their lists.

Campaigners has created hundreds of campaigns for clients including Dyson, Fujifilm, JVC, LG, Lexmark, Motorola, Roxio and Vonage. The firm was founded in 1997 by former Hewlett-Packard marketer Melissa Orr, and has since driven more than $3 billion in retail sales through its in-store sales training, market intelligence, merchandising, special events and mystery shop services.

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