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Milo Hopes To Move Online Sales To Stores


E-Commerce 3.0 arrived
at the Nationwide Marketing Group Prime-
Time! convention here in February with the
appearance of Milo Local Shopping, an eBay

But Milo’s Mike Blais, local marketing senior
manager, noted, “We are commerce 3.0 — you
take the ‘e’ out of it — since Milo is the blurring
of stores and online.”

The reason why Blais said that is because
Milo is designed for brick-and-mortar stores to
put their inventory — including location, price
and availability — online in real time, so shoppers
are able to search retailers’ products and,
in the company’s words, “discover your store.”

Blais said, “We are here for the cross- channel
consumers — those that research online
but buy offline. We hope that Internet sales will
happen within a physical store. Profits [from] in-store sales are significant.”

Milo quoted Forrester research from last
year showing that 40 percent of all offline
U.S. retail sales were influenced by the web
and that the money these shoppers spent was
close to $1 trillion.

As Blais put it: “Online is where you discover
the products. Offline — or in stores — is where
you buy them.”

He noted that Milo is now compatible with
several point-of-sale systems, so a retailer’s
products can be searchable in real time and
can be accessed by local customers who will
go to the brick-and-mortar location.

Milo began rolling out the program at Nationwide’s
meeting, and Blais said he hopes to
grow a network of Nationwide members by the
end of the first half of the year.

“We look at Milo as the next step in retailing,”
Blais said, who added that the company
is interested in signing many independent CE
and electronics/appliance retailers up for this
service. For more information, go to