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Laptops Expected To See Deep Price Cuts On Black Friday 2015

Laptops are expected to once again receive discounts “of epic proportions” on Black Friday.

Louis Ramirez of DealNews, an online aggregator of retail discounts, said holiday doorbusters are expected to start at just $149 for budget laptops, which he defined as a model with 4GB of RAM, a 15-inch display and an Intel dual-core processor. He also predicted that consumers will be able to pick up a bare-bones, email-checking-only model for just $99.

Mainstream laptops — 15-inch display, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive and Intel Core i5 Broadwell processor — are expected to go as low as $300. 

Ultra-portables, meanwhile, were deemed a “wildcard,” by Ramirez. The crystal ball is still a bit cloudy at this point, but consumers will likely see discounts in the 30-percent range for a 13-inch model with a Core i5 processor.

Discounts on gaming laptops will be less impressive: $699 vs. their typical $727 average retail.