ICE Partners With SiriusXM, Honors Vets

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SiriusXM has teamed up with the In Car Experts (ICE) buying group to drive sales of satellite radio through 12-volt specialty dealers.

The partnership involves SiriusXM support for the broadcaster’s fourthquarter rebate promotion along with an exclusive demo program, product discounts and reusable in-store point of purchase material, ICE said.

The rebate program involves a SiriusXM rebate ad that appears on

when consumers enter their ZIP code. The name of a local ICE dealer member selling SiriusXM product also appears. The ad also runs on the homepages of the group’s 140-plus dealer members.

As part of the partnership, SiriusXM will establish a feedback committee to provide retailer feedback directly to SiriusXM executives.

“SiriusXM 2.0 is here, and it is important for our members to be at the forefront of this latest digital radio technology,” said ICE executive director Rob Elliott. “With guidance from ICE and a little help from SiriusXM, we can make sure our members are well equipped to interest the consumer in SiriusXM’s latest technologies and benefits.”

Separately, more than 140 ICE dealers simultaneously changed their websites on Veteran’s Day to give thanks to U.S. service men and women.

The banners remained on the sites throughout the weekend.

Cory Mayo, ICE operations manager, said in a statement, “Honoring the men and women that have put their life on the line for our freedom is the least that ICE and its members can do. Without their sacrifices, we would not have the luxuries that we all experience every day. Thank you to all those past and present that protect our country and way of life.”

ICE provides members with national marketing programs and, through preferred vendors, enhanced vendor programs. Preferred vendors provide ICE Members with special programs that supplement the suppliers’ existing programs and can include rebates, special buys and improved terms.

ICE dealers collectively generate more than $250 million in annual sales through more than 200 storefronts in more than 40 states.


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