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HTSA Holds Video Training ‘Boot Camp’

The Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA) buying group recently held its first annual Video Boot Camp session for middle managers. The three-day event was held March 27-29 at the Hilton Torrance and the Stewart Filmscreen headquarters, here. It was supported by participation form vendors Runco, Stewart Filmscreen and Data Color, and was attended by 50 of HTSA’s member companies.

Richard Glikes, HTSA’s executive director, told TWICE “I thought the meeting was electric. It was motivating and although we have not sent out the formal surveys yet, the feedback from the owners from their attendees has been phenomenal.”

The video event was the first in a series of three planned events for middle managers. HTSA is also hosting an audio boot camp session with Definitive Audio in Seattle May 14-16. HTSA will complete the series with its sixth custom managers meeting, to be held in Kansas City June 13- 15.