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Home Depot Testing Samsung Kiosks

Atlanta — The Home Depot is testing the use of Samsung customer kiosks within its appliance departments.

The 85-inch interactive kiosks are non-transactional, providing product information only.

To date the retailer is piloting the project in three locations, including its East 59th Street store in Manhattan, where floor space is at a premium.

Samsung is similarly trialing kiosks, as well as in-store shops, with No. 2 home-improvement chain and white-goods volume leader Lowe’s.

 Samsung entered the U.S. majap market in 2002 and was picked up by Lowe’s three years later. It expanded into Home Depot in 2012 with a selection of kitchen and laundry products.

Samsung is presently the country’s fifth-largest major appliance brand, with unabashed aspirations for first place. The company recently put majap industry veteran John Herrington in charge of its U.S. white-goods business, ostensibly to close the gap.