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Haier Holding Court At Nationwide Show

Las Vegas – The Nationwide Marketing Group’s PrimeTime show, running here this week at The Venetian, is a coming-out party of sorts for Haier.

Although a longtime presence in the U.S. market, and parented by arguably the world’s largest majap maker by unit volume, Haier America has been reborn over the past three years with a new management team, a new R&D facility, and a new go-to-market whole-home strategy.

The fruits of those efforts are ripening here in Las Vegas, where the CE and appliance powerhouse is showcasing its new lifestyle kitchen line.

The urban-living side of the suite formally debuted at Los Angeles’ influential Dwell On Design show last May. It includes a 24-inch dual-fuel range with true European convection; a 24-inch chimney hood; a 14.2-cubic-foot, four-door refrigerator; and a 24-inch combination washer/dryer, all spec’d for urban condos, small houses and micro-spaces.

The assortment is joined here at PrimeTime by Haier’s “Traditional” kitchen platform, which includes a 36-inch, 23.5-cubic foot French-door refrigerator; a 36-inch chimney vent with tempered glass; a double-drawer under-counter fridge; and a 36-inch dual-fuel Pro-Range with true European convection.

To help usher in Haier’s new look and line, the company enlisted celebrity chef Dana Cohen, a finalist on season 10 of Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen” cooking competition TV series, to prepare dishes on the show floor using a new 36-inch electric cooktop and 30-inch double-wall oven.

“We are excited to have Dana Cohen help us demonstrate our new cooking appliances launching this year,” said Paul Riley, recently named sales and marketing senior VP.

Details on the Urban Kitchen and Traditional Kitchen suites, including model numbers and suggested retails, follow:

Freestanding Kitchen Suite

* 14.2-cubic-foot, four-door refrigerator (HRF15N3AGS) with capacitive touch temp controls: MSRP $1,899;

* 24-inch, 2.0-cubic-foot dual-fuel range (HCR2250ADS) with true European convection: MSRP $1,399;

* 24-inch, 2.0-cubic-foot combination washer/dryer (HLC1700AXW) with stainless-steel drum: MSRP $1,099;

* 24-inch chimney hood (HCH2100ACS) with 500 CFM motor: MSRP $549.

Built-in Kitchen Suite

* 10-cubic-foot bottom-mount refrigerator with LED lighting (HRB10N2AGV)​: MSRP to be determined;

* 24-inch 2.1-cubic-foot single right/left swing convection oven (HCW225LAES): MSRP $1,499;

* 24-inch warming drawer (HCD2400AES) with push-to-open door design: MSRP $499;

* 24-inch electric cooktop (HCC2230AES) with stainless steel finish: MSRP $899.

Traditional Kitchen

* 36-inch, 23.5-cubic-foot French-door refrigerator (HRF24E3APS): MSRP $1,899;

* 36-inch chimney vent (HCH6100ACS) with tempered glass and 448 CFM Motor: MSRP $519;

* 24-inch dishwasher (HDBL865AFS) with fully-integrated display: MSRP $849;

* 36-inch dual-fuel Pro-Range (HCR6250ADS) with true European convection: MSRP $2,199;

* 30-inch double 4.5-cubic-foot stainless-steel wall oven (HCW3485AES): MSRP $3,199;

* Double drawer under-counter refrigerator (DD400RS): MSRP $1,519;        

* 36-inch electric cooktop (HCC6320AES) with stainless brushed trim: MSRP $999.