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GreenUmbrella Offering Retroactive Coverage, a new warranty service that provides blanket protection for an unlimited number of most CE, computer and appliance products for a flat monthly fee, extended its coverage for new September subscribers to all purchases made in 2008.

Plans purchased through ordinarily provide protection on CE, PC and majap products purchased within 60 days of enrollment (see TWICE, Sept. 3, p. 30).

“Providing consumers simple, convenient and affordable product protection is our number one priority,” said general manager Mike Balducci. “For a limited time, consumers now have an opportunity to get a level of protection against unexpected repair or replacement costs that is unprecedented.”

Backed by The Warranty Group, which serves as administrator and underwriter, and its corporate parent Experian Interactive, the information services firm that also operates, the start-up is built upon a unique-to-the-industry business model and a “mission of providing consumers with peace of mind, reliability and affordability,” the company said.

The service, which charges a flat monthly fee of $9.95, allows consumers to register multiple products under one plan at any time following sign-up at no additional cost and with no deductibles or fees for in-home repair or replacement service. Once enrolled, consumers can add an unlimited number of new consumer products to their personalized protection plan, and access it online 24 hours a day.

Consumers seeking to place a claim will have the support of The Warranty Group’s nationwide network of approximately 25,000 local repair service providers. is presently being marketed direct to consumers, but the company said it will also explore partnership opportunities with retailers and manufacturers.