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Going Mobile: AVB Partners With MESA Group

MESA hitches a ride with BrandSource's parent.

Mobile Electronics Specialists of America (MESA Group), the buying organization for car electronics dealers, is hitching a ride with Associated Volume Buyers (AVB).

Under a newly forged partnership, AVB, the corporate umbrella of the BrandSource buying group, will share its consumer financing programs with MESA members, while both groups explore other mutually beneficial opportunities.

“As leaders in the car audio space representing independent retailers, MESA is a natural fit as an AVB partner,” said AVB general manager Michael Posa. “MESA is a co-op, much like AVB and BrandSource, and the cultures between our companies are very similar.”

Added MESA executive director Ryan Gunter, “Consumer financing is an extremely important part of our members’ business and this partnership with AVB strengthens our members’ ability to increase their store sales potential.”

Mesa was established in 2009 as a 100 percent member-owned and operated buying co-op for independent dealers in the car audio and aftermarket car accessories categories. It currently has 142 members.

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Its new partner AVB, comprised of the BrandSource, ProSource, Mega Group (Canada) and TRIB rent-to-own divisions and alliances, boasts $19 billion in annual sales, 4,500 members and over 8,000 storefronts across North America.