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GameStop’s Non-Gaming Store Count Hits 1,000

GameStop is still primarily a video game specialty chain, with thousands of flagship shops around the world.

But that’s no longer its chief engine of growth.

The company’s biggest gains are now coming from its so-called
“technology brand” showrooms, comprised of 76 Simply Mac authorized Apple stores; 71 Cricket pre-paid mobile stores; and 857 Spring Mobile AT&T-authorized stores.

Together these non-gaming storefronts hit what GameStop considers a “significant milestone” by passing the 1,000-store mark this month. In the process, the company has become the the largest authorized operator of dedicated AT&T and Apple specialty stores in the country.

“It is incredibly gratifying to reach this milestone,” said technology brands senior VP Jason Ellis, whose fledgling Spring Mobile business was acquired by GameStop in 2013, and who went on to help found Simply Mac.

“Each new store opening reinforces our goal of expanding our national footprint to address the insatiable demand for value, variety and convenience to customers in markets that previously have been underserviced,” he said.

Looking ahead, the 2015 TWICE Retail Innovation Award winner said it will continue to invest in, and rapidly expand, its tech brands unit, which is expected to generate $1.5 billion in revenues by 2019.