An Eye For An … Iced Tea? EyeLock Brings Iris ID To Vending Machines

Machines learn user preferences, feature ability to engage
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EyeLock announced its iris-based identity-authentication technology will be built into ViaTouch Media’s high-tech vending machines.

EyeLock is a majority-owned subsidiary of Voxx International.

ViaTouch Media’s LISA (Luxury Interactive Smart Shelves) and VICKI (ViaTouch Intellishelf Cognitive Kinetic Interactions) are real-time, interactive vending machines that use artificial intelligence to recognize consumers and their buying patterns. They can learn user preferences, engage with them, and provide tailored loyalty programs and discounts. Smart shelves record which products consumers view or touch.

The addition of EyeLock’s iris-authentication technology will provide the ability for consumers to make secure payments using the First Data online payment networks. According to EyeLock, its reference designs have working distances of up to 60 centimeters with a false accept rate of 1 in 1.5 million for single-eye authentication and a false reject rate of less than 1 percent.

The VICKI machine will be placed in Apple Stores (for employee use), hotels, universities, hospitals and select retail partners beginning in January. The EyeLock features will become available in the second quarter of 2018.

ViaTouch's LISA machine

ViaTouch's LISA machine


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