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Everything You Need To Know About Amazon This Week: Nov. 29 – Dec. 5

Walmart & Amazon, Separated At Birth?

Walmart & Amazon, Separated At Birth?

Prime Cut: When Walmart looks in the mirror these days it’s starting to see Amazon staring back.

TWICE Take: Walmart’s kick-out-the-jams push to gain e-tail parity with Amazon, and Amazon’s efforts to enter the physical realm with brick-and-mortar stores, have resulted in parallel business plans that are creating mirror-image competitors.

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And If You Need Further Proof…

Prime Cut: Underscoring the news item above, Amazon and Walmart also tied for first place in the Black Friday week sales stakes.

TWICE Take: According to new data by market research firm Senex, Walmart and Amazon were the two top shopping destinations from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, with each selling to 97 million consumers, or 53 percent of shoppers, through their respective websites and stores.

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Dollars And Scents

Prime Cut: In its race to bring same-day deliveries to customers across the country, Amazon has hired an Uber-like army of lay delivery drivers to cover that last mile of fulfillment.

TWICE Take: But despite perfunctory background checks, at least one bad egg was bound to slip through and poop on Amazon’s parade – quite literally – as captured by a customer’s home security cam.

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Lights, Camera, Action

Prime Cut: Amazon is moving beyond written customer reviews in its effort to provide comprehensive product information, a satisfactory shopping experience, and to keep visitors lingering on its site.

TWICE Take: The e-tailer has invited some of its 2 million third-party sellers to add videos to their product listings this month, and may offer shoppers discounts for viewing the product reviews and video ads.

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I Coulda Been A Contender

Prime Cut: The same dizzying stock price climb that made Amazon founder Jeff Bezos a billionaire 100 times over could have easily vanquished your mortgage or paid for multiple college educations.

TWICE Take: According to financial website, investing a thousand bucks in Amazon stock 10 years ago – a full decade after it first appeared on Nasdaq – would have netted you $12,398 as of Oct. 31. But don’t beat yourself up; save the regrets for missing out on Netflix, which, for the same $1,000, could have provided a $52,000 payday after ten years.

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Amazon Quote Of The Week

“I was too dumb to realize. I did not think [Jeff Bezos] could succeed on the scale he has. [I] really underestimated the brilliance of the execution.” — Billionaire investor Warren Buffet on passing up Amazon stock when it was still cheap