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DVDs, PCs, Big TVs Top Wish Lists

ARLINGTON, VA. -DVD players, big-screen color TVs and desktop computers are the most coveted electronics gifts this season, according to the Consumer Electronics Association’s 7th Annual CE Holiday Purchase Patterns report.

Based on a survey of 1,000 randomly selected U.S. households, DVD players will likely reign supreme as the No. 1 CE gift come Christmas, with 9 percent of respondents hoping to find one in their stockings and 20 percent saying they’re at least somewhat likely to buy one for others. Indeed, while CEA has forecast sales of 6.6 million units this year, retailers and manufacturers may see actual sales significantly exceed that projection if consumer buying expectations hold true, the group said.

No. 2 on the CE holiday wish list is color TVs with screen sizes of 27 inches or greater. Six percent of respondents said they would like to find one parked under their tree, a likely prospect given that 9 percent said they’re considering giving one as a gift.

Tied with TVs for second place is desktop computers. As with big-screen televisions, 6 percent want them and 9 percent may actually give them. That would thrill women (it’s their third-most desired gift, ahead of money but behind jewelry) and absolutely floor men, who cited PCs as their favorite holiday present, ahead of clothes, cars, DVDs and cash.-