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D&H Distributing Partners With Neat

Adds video bars, controllers, and All-in-One devices to assist with collaboration in hybrid meeting spaces

(image credit: Neat)

D&H Distributing, a major provider of consumer, ProAV, SMB, and mid-market, technologies to the North American channel, recently announced it has signed an agreement with Neat, the developers of a cutting-edge line of video collaboration devices. Neat’s powerful solutions are designed to integrate smoothly with both Microsoft Teams and Zoom, creating seamless, easy collaboration with advanced features, and in streamlined formats.

“We look forward to working with D&H to help drive the videoconferencing category, facilitating more immersive and intelligently designed engagement between colleagues no matter where they are,” said Matt Brungardt, director, distribution and partners at Neat. “Together we can give dealers and integrators robust, versatile, next-generation tools to create superior, multi-functional meeting spaces.”

Neat’s Microsoft-certified collaborative solutions help create balance and symmetry in virtual meeting situations, presenting up-close and individual framing of remote meeting participants to better approximate in-person interaction. Smart sensors can monitor elements like room occupancy, noise level, and lighting conditions, suppressing extraneous sounds and blocking background images to create a more consistent and intelligible on-screen environment.

This agreement enhances D&H’s growing ProAV portfolio, which includes commercial interactive displays, unified communications solutions, large-scale videowalls, and videoconferencing products, resulting in a compelling offering for effective collaboration.These high-performance tools will help D&H partners equip sophisticated new meeting rooms to satisfy the needs of the reimagined hybrid workplace, accommodating everything from small huddle areas to large-scale conference rooms, and addressing new trends like virtual reception areas and privacy booths.

In addition to an expanding ProAV linecard, D&H offers a team of Solutions Experts and post-sales support specialists with experience in a range of real-world installations. The company’s ProAV solutions span more than meeting rooms, including gaming rooms, large-scale smart displays for a range of verticals, and full-scale esports arenas. D&H’s ProAV solutions can be implemented on an “as-a-service” monthly subscription-based model, creating recurring revenue streams for dealer and integrator partners.

“Collaboration has become a crucial part of any meeting-based setting, as many organizations adopt hybrid strategies to accommodate distributed team members. The needs of these organizations have become more complex as the market has begun to embrace virtual collaborative practices for the long-term,” said Peter Hurley, D&H’s director of ProAV and collaboration. “We’ve been progressively building an outstanding ProAV offering at D&H,” Hurley continued. “Our partners need to help their customers upgrade collaborative areas, meeting rooms and huddle spaces in ways that will be productive and seamless for both in-room attendees and off-site team members. Neat’s top-flight videoconferencing solutions enhance and naturalize collaboration, and their support from pioneers like Zoom and Microsoft Teams has established the groundwork for a gold-standard environment.”

Neat’s advanced videoconferencing devices include:

Neat Bar: This videoconferencing bar is a simple-to-use and compact device providing superior audio and video for meeting rooms, huddle rooms, and focus rooms of up to 10 users.

Neat Bar Pro (image credit: Neat)

Neat Bar Pro: The company’s large room videoconferencing device can drive three large screens, enabling users to simultaneously see both people and content more clearly. It incorporates an advanced 16x microphone array for audio fidelity, plus fast image processing for more lifelike interactions.

Neat Pad: A sleek touch-screen controller, it can be used within meeting rooms or as a scheduling display outside those rooms.

(image credit: Neat)

Neat Board: A 65-inch, all-in-one touch-screen display that incorporates powerful audio and an AI-driven camera for best-in-class collaboration, with features like wireless content sharing, annotation, and whiteboards.

Neat Frame: A 15.6-inch portrait screen personal meeting device, providing an optimal layout balance for more direct conversations in larger meetings.

D&H solution providers can visit or visit the distributor’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, and @dandh. Call 800-877-1200 to speak to an account representative.

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