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Distributors See Positive Trends For New Year


Major changes have hit the CE industry, many of them
positive, which have provided some optimism for distributors as they
take a look at 2012.

Unilateral pricing plans, which were revealed in private meetings and
the media last month, have given distributors and retailers some hope
that margins will stabilize and possibly increase for at least top-tier, higher-end TVs.

As part of this new manufacturer-driven plan, distributors are hopeful that vendors will be even-handed in pricing
and in the channel management of their lines.

Several distributors foresee better economic trends and slightly better demand than a year ago, with, among
others, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs sporting added features being growth categories.

And while no one really knows when Apple TV will debut or what features it will sport, distributors acknowledged
it will be a force in the industry, and some said it will create more visibility and excitement in the TV business.

What follows is a “virtual roundtable” of responses to questions by TWICE in the past couple of weeks of all
these issues.