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Distributors See Glad Tidings Galore This Holiday

NEW YORK – If you think the CE business lacks innovation just keep reading.

A survey of leading industry distributors suggests dealers will have a vast arsenal of engaging technologies at their disposal this holiday season with which to drive traffic and sales.

Top draws will include Ultra HD TV in all its flat, curved, LED and OLED glory, and advanced audio and related sound accessories led by UHD-ready A/V receivers (AVRs) and Dolby Atmos systems.

Among more personal gift items, stockings are expected to brim with health and fitness bracelets, smart watches and other wearables this quarter, while accessories for the new iPhone 6 series and the now-established Xbox and PS4 gaming platforms should keep consumers and sales managers content.

But the sledding won’t be entirely smooth for Santa. While distributors generally anticipate a plethora of product, some discern possible tightness in select categories like opening price point TVs, next-gen gaming consoles, iPhone accessories, and laundry and refrigeration on the appliance side.

Spot shortages of 4K TVs may also crop up, and late-season stockouts of wireless, emerging technology devices should not be unexpected, executives warned. Their best advice: Finish those forecasts and lay in your orders now.

These points and more are explored in the virtual roundtable discussion that follows.

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