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D&H Reaching Out To RadioShack Dealers

HARRISBURG, PA. — D&H Distributing is looking to help independent RadioShack owners keep their stores stocked as the fate of their franchise agreements is determined.

The inventory lifeline includes discounts of up to 20 percent or $50 off merchandise from select D&H partners, including headphones from A-Audio; scanners from Uniden; wearable devices, car accessories and video cameras by Papago; and a wide assortment from Samsung and Roku.

“We’re happy to support independent retailers and dealers who previously sourced from RadioShack, offering a smooth customer transition and a diverse range of categories, while providing some additional incentives at the same time,” said John Alifano, home entertainment sales director for the national IT and CE distributor.

There are approximately 750 independent RadioShack franchisees in the U.S. who have been left in the lurch by the bankruptcy. Their franchise agreements with the now-defunct chain are scheduled to be auctioned off in early May, along with RadioShack’s intellectual property and possibly its customer database, leaving owners to form their own buying groups and legal teams. These include Mega Tech Group, founded by Kansas franchisee Frank Beer in partnership with Mega Group USA, while New England franchisee Ira Brezinsky has organized fellow dealers into an ad hoc committee to protect their interests during the bankruptcy proceedings.

The franchised showrooms themselves are often an odd blend of RadioShack signage and inventory, and individualized assortments and store designs. Indeed, TWICE has reported on a Minnesota franchisee, Design Electronics, which showcased 70 GE major appliances on its showroom floor.

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