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How Is Stealing Your Christmas

A leading shopping advice site could derail December for tech retailers.

As the tech and appliance industries enter the holiday home stretch, a leading shopping advice site is giving consumers guidance that could derail your December.

For the past 20 years has been scouring tens of thousands of sales each day by more than 6,000 online retailers to pinpoint the best 300 or so sales out there.

Now, with Christmas rapidly approaching, the site is telling its tens of millions of readers to hold off on buying consumer electronics until after Dec. 25.

According to staff writer Julie Ramhold, premium tech like smart appliances, VR headsets and 3D printers will likely be cheaper to purchase in mid-January after the new 2018 models are revealed at CES.

“When the new lines are announced, this year’s models will likely get noticeable discounts,” she advises in a consumer news blog.

Other product categories expected to see significant post-holiday discounts are headphones, video games and fitness equipment. Last year about one-third of headphone promotions and 37 percent of video game deals between Christmas and New Year’s earned DealNews’ Editors’ Choice designation, Ramhold said, with games for Xbox One and Xbox 360 going for as much as 60 percent off. There were also twice as many deals on exercise equipment in January compared with December, she noted.

We don’t disagree with DealNews’ pricing insights, but couldn’t it keep it on the QT?