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Datasat Joins Azione

Chester Springs, Pa. — Datasat Digital Entertainment, a supplier of digital cinema and home-theater processors, has joined Azione Unlimited as a vendor member.

“Selling processors at $20,000 each really gets my juices flowing,” said Richard Glikes, president and founder of the education/buying group for integrators and custom retailers. “This is an awesome addition to our family.”

Datasat, formerly DTS Digital Cinema, has been providing high-quality, immersive digital surround sound to theaters worldwide since 1993, and is now offering the same digital audio processing technology for home cinema. The company said its technology is also featured on every major Hollywood theatrical release.

Glikes noted that Datasat’s addition supports Azione’s 2014 goal “to elevate our dealers’ sales of more expensive, high performance gear,” and brings the group closer to its self-imposed cap of 40 vendor members.