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Daniel Pidgeon Leaves Starpower

Cause for departure in dispute

Renowned tech retailer and industry advocate Daniel Pidgeon has left Starpower, the award-winning specialty chain he co-founded 23 years ago with his brother David.

The cause for his sudden departure from the Dallas-based business is in dispute.

A lawsuit filed in state District Court there contends that Daniel was ousted from Starpower and its family-held corporate parent without cause. The suit alleges that Daniel was dismissed after offering to assist his struggling sister company Star Floors, run by two other Pidgeon siblings, by purchasing their stake in Starpower.

The $5 million suit charges the parent company with eight counts including wrongful breach of contract and termination, and defamation and business disparagement.

But according to brother and business partner David, Daniel left of his own accord after a surprise bid to buy out Starpower was rebuffed.

“It was ‘take my offer or I’m out,’” David told TWICE.

David, CEO, has since brought in longtime friend Tom Schurr, former operations president of Clear Channel Communications (now iHeartCommunications), to help run the business as COO.

“I did what’s best for the company,” David said. “I wish Dan only the best. He’s my brother and I still love him.”

Daniel, the youngest of the Pidgeon brothers, served as chief financial officer of Starpower and chairman of corporate parent Starpower Home Entertainment Systems. Together with David he built the company into an acclaimed A/V and appliance retailer and custom integrator serving a celebrity and pro-sports clientele.

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As Starpower’s four ultra-premium big-box stores in Texas and Arizona became the prototype for interactive tech showrooms, Daniel became an outspoken industry advocate through his roles as executive board chairman of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and as a member of the trade group’s Board of Industry Leaders.

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David alerted key vendors to his brother’s departure in a letter wishing Daniel “every success as he pursues his future professional endeavors.”

“I sincerely appreciate your continued support as we make this transition,” he wrote.