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Cyber Monday Breaks Online Sales Records With $6.6B Haul

Cyber Monday was the largest online shopping day in history, and a record-breaker for mobile.

The results are in, and they’re a humdinger.

According to Adobe, Cyber Monday (Nov. 27) was the largest online shopping day in history, bringing in a record $6.6 billion and topping last year’s haul by nearly $1 billion, representing a 16.8 spike.

Top sellers included Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/4 Pro, Apple AirPods, streaming devices like Google Chromecast and Roku, and “Super Mario Odyssey,” the video game, Adobe reported, while TV discounting went deeper than on Black Friday, with price cuts averaging 20.7 percent.

Average ticket was essentially flat at $123, although conversion rates were up 7.6 percent for desktop-based orders, to 7.1 percent; up 8 percent for tablet-originated purchases, to 6.4 percent; and ahead 10.1 percent for smartphones, to 3.5 percent.

Speaking of which, a separate record was set by mobile, which saw its first $2 billion day. Smartphones in particular accounted for 37.6 percent of retail visits and 21.3 percent of revenue, while tablets were employed in 8.2 percent of shopping expeditions and garnered 9.1 percent of Cyber Monday revenue.

And for those who keep track of such things, average ticket was higher on iPhone-originated orders ($123) compared with those that were placed from Android devices ($112).

“Smartphones have become the de facto device for mobile shopping, while tablets continue to be more used as entertainment and gaming devices,” noted Taylor Schreiner, director of Adobe Digital Insights.

Schreiner knows of what she speaks: The data, based on Adobe Analytics, encompassed 80 percent of online transactions at the 100 largest U.S. e-tailers, while the company’s comprehensive holiday analysis gleans insights from more than 1 trillion shopper visits to 4,500 websites and 55 million SKUs.

As to what led consumers to their Cyber Monday purchases, search remained the biggest sales driver of the day, accounting for 42.6 percent of business (23.3 percent for paid search and 19.3 percent for organic search), while direct traffic and email led to 25.5 percent and 24 percent of sales, respectively.