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Collateral Remains Key Tool In Aiding ESP Attachments

Discussions about the extended service plan (ESP) business, at least within these pages, tend to focus on product and pricing trends, attachment rates in commissioned vs. non-commissioned selling environments, and the often critical role that extended warranties play in boosting retailers’ bottom lines.

But an often overlooked, though no less integral, ingredient in the ESP pie is point-of-sale (POS) materials, which, when properly executed, could sway an undecided consumer to chose in favor of an extended protection plan.

As Danny Hourigan, president of NEW Customer Service Companies’ Service Plan Division noted, “POS material is an unsung hero in this industry. A well-thought-out brochure won’t necessarily close the sale, but it can help raise consumer awareness, particularly in a non-prompted environment, and is important to retailers in brand building.”

To bring some well-deserved attention to an indispensable industry tool, TWICE showcases a mix of collateral material currently seen at Circuit City (GE/Assurant), Fred Meyer and OfficeMax (NEW), BJ’s (VAC), and Lowe’s (AIG and NEW).