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Circuit City’s Imminent Return Begs The Question: What Do You Miss?

The news that Ronny Shmoel and Albert Liniado plan to bring back Circuit City has sparked a wave of nostalgia across and our Facebook page.

We pulled some of our reader’s requests for other late, great stores to return, and polled some editors here at NewBay Media to see which now-defunct chains they miss the most. (Some replies were clearly made in jest — you can probably figure out which ones.)  

Think we missed a biggie? Leave it in the comments!

John Laposky, TWICE: J&R Music World: It was a one-of-a-kind Manhattan retail experience and its sales staff was extremely hooked in to the music scene and always good for a solid recommendation. It was my regular payday destination for years.

Jim Demestihas: The Good Guys next?

Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News: Incredible Universe: It was my Best Buy before my town got a Best Buy, and where I’d go to salivate over the latest batch of Pentium-powered PCs.

Veronica Armstrong: You think Service Merchandise is next?

Alan Wolf, TWICE: E.J. Korvette: Arguably the first discount department store. They had an awesome (and super-low-priced) vinyl selection; in-store audio shops; and their own private-label line of XAM TVs and stereo equipment.

Jennifer E Ayers: I wish Blockbuster would return.

Mike Demenchuk, Multichannel News: Crazy Eddie: For the childhood nostalgia of growing up in the New York area, and just to see the commercials again. Plus, it’s where my dad bought our family’s first VHS VCR circa 1983 — for $999.99.

Christopher James Shipulski: Ames? Lechmere? Caldor!

Cynthia Wisehart, Sound & Video Contractor: Blockbuster: It was a giant hassle, and they never had what I wanted, and I paid thousands in late fees, but it got me out of the house. One of the first places I got to go on my own without my parents.

Joseph Soboń: Wish the Federated Group would come back too.

Dade Hayes, Broadcasting & Cable: Tower Records: Unsurpassed knowledge in the classical department at the Lincoln Center-adjacent location. And the downtown one on Broadway was a mecca of my adolescence. Still get misty when I see Woody Allen and Dianne Wiest meet there at the end of Hannah & Her Sisters.

Adam Cauble: Hell, why not bring back Montgomery Wards too. SMH

Ed Hecht, TWICE: Bring back The Wiz!

Alan Smithee: Wish they’d bring back Tower Records instead.

Lisa Johnston, TWICE: B. Dalton and Waldenbooks: Every mall needs a bookstore.