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Cellebrite POS Solution Cuts iPhone Trade-In Losses

Parsippany, N.J. – Cellebrite has upgraded its point-of-sale (POS) systems for wireless retailers with a feature said to ensure that retailers get full reimbursement for traded-in iPhones.

The upgrades eliminate losses caused when consumers trade in iPhones that can’t be reactivated in the secondary market, the company explained.

For its Cellebrite Touch and Cellebrite DeskTop POS systems, the company launched what it called the industry’s first solution that automatically detects Apple’s Find My iPhone application on iPhones at retail. The solution detects whether the application is active and provides instructions for deactivating it.

The solution, which is integrated into the diagnostics and automated phone buyback services of the company’s POS solutions, ensures that iPhones can be repaired and that retailers receive full reimbursement from phone brokers for traded-in iPhones, the company said.

Cellebrite Touch and Cellebrite Desktop POS systems also enable in-store phone-to-phone content transfer, backup and restore.

 “Technicians have full access to perform and verify all repair activities, and retailers eliminate losses from iPhones ‘bricked’ by the anti-theft measures that prevent the phones from being reactivated in the secondary market,” the company said.

Although retailers require store representatives to verify that anti-theft applications such as Find My iPhone are deactivated before accepting phones for repair or trade-in, the company said, “inconsistent adherence to the process and human error at the point of sale are generating tens of millions of dollars in loss and compromising the effectiveness and speed of repair services.”

The company has deployed more than 150,000 Touch and Desktop systems through mobile carriers and retailers globally into more than 100,000 stores.

Cellebrite, founded in 1999, is a subsidiary of Sun Corp. of Japan.