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Is CE Killing Men’s Sex Lives?

Would Tom Hanks have cast away his volleyball in trade for a consumer electronics product? Would he have traded it for Pamela Anderson?

One consumer survey indicates Hanks could have harbored some conflict over the choice.

According to Playboy’s Mantrack, a national survey conducted late last summer among 750 men and 250 women, ages 18-49, even the loneliest of men might be inclined to spend more time with his CE device than a fair-haired member of the opposite sex.

The survey, completed by New York-based Youth Intelligence Inc., indicated mixed results regarding the relationship between male sex lives and CE devices.

While roughly one in 12 male respondents, or 8 percent, said they are having less sex because of the time they spend with their CE devices, three out of four men (75 percent) said they would give up any CE product in favor of the company of a woman-if they were stranded on a desert island.

Survey results left no doubt though, that men are spending less time on traditional male activities as a result of their use of consumer electronics.

Even on vacation, 79 percent of the men responding said they took at least one CE product with them.

Topping the list of CE devices that have had a major impact on men’s lives during the past five years were PCs, cellphones, PDAs and DVD.

On average, according to Mantrack, men own seven CE products, and every male surveyed said they owned and used at least one CE product.