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Zephyr Partners With Nationwide Marketing Group

Access to Zephyr’s technology-focused ventilation options and specialty kitchen appliances now open for NMG members

(image credit: Zephyr)

Nationwide Marketing Group (NMG) has entered into a new partnership with Zephyr to bring its industry-leading collection of kitchen ventilation and refrigeration products to NMG members, giving them the option to carry the Zephyr indoor and outdoor collection of luxury kitchen appliances.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Nationwide Marketing Group, an opportunity that allows Zephyr to reach dealers nationally as the preferred line of range hoods and under-counter refrigeration,” said Dean Striler, VP of Sales, Zephyr. “This collaboration will provide Zephyr access to Nationwide’s high-quality member database, enabling us to promote our products through a strategic marketing partnership. At Zephyr, we deeply value our partners, and we look forward to a successful collaboration.”

Founded over 25 years ago, Zephyr is a pioneer in kitchen ventilation design and wine and beverage cooling, offering the highest quality materials and technology, powerful blowers, innovative design features and versatile outdoor options.

John O’Halloran and John Laing, head of luxury and head of premium products for NMG expressed their excitement, saying that the partnership is a “major opportunity for our members to win in the premium and luxury appliance market.” In addition to Zephyr’s dedication to innovation, safety and performance, NMG members can also expect streamlined messaging and an optimal experience that trickles down to the customer.

“Zephyr’s innovation-focused approach to luxury offers a tangible benefit for our members to communicate to value-conscious consumers,” added O’Halloran.

(image credit: Zephyr)

The newest Zephyr products include the Presrv Kegerator & Beverage Cooler and Dual Zone Refrigerator Drawers. Both products offer convenient beverage storage options to fit various indoor and outdoor spaces. Zephyr prides itself on quality craftsmanship and patented technology, which is backed by a dedicated customer service team and a multi-year warranty.

“With its mission to bring innovation to the luxury kitchen market,” continued Laing, “Zephyr keeps design and technology at the forefront, with its powerful yet quiet kitchen range hoods and refrigeration.”

For more information on Zephyr range hoods, refrigeration and warranty details, visit NMG members can visit the new Zephyr page in MemberNet.

About Nationwide Marketing Group
Nationwide Marketing Group works on behalf of thousands of independent appliance, furniture, bedding, electronics, specialty electronics, custom installation and rent-to-own dealers helping them grow their businesses and thrive on their own terms. With more than 5,000 members operating some 14,000 storefronts, Nationwide Marketing Group is the largest buying, marketing, and business support organization of its kind, representing billions in combined annual sales across the membership. For over 50 years, the organization has remained committed to the independent channel, empowering members with the scale, sophistication, and efficiencies they need to compete while delivering the unmatched business intelligence, tools and resources required to win in an ever-changing business environment.

About Zephyr
Zephyr has transformed the kitchen with design, discovery and customer care, and played an integral role in kitchen trends. The company has challenged the perception of what ventilation means in kitchen design and has created new awareness around the importance of high-performing ventilation systems. Zephyr continues its commitment to unexpected design with Preserv™ — its collection of Wine & Beverage Coolers that feature the most sought-after technological elements with eye-catching aesthetics and incomparable value.

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