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ProSource Introduces Suite Of HR Services

New program uses the ThinkHR platform and McQuaig Candidate Assessment Solution.

ProSource has announced the ProSource sponsored package of human resources support through the ThinkHR platform and the McQuaig Institute Candidate Assessment Solution for members involved with employee and employment matters. This is a value-added benefit to save members time and money.

ThinkHR offers ThinkHR Live, a team of HR experts standing by to answer questions or provide advice. This phone-based support service is available from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM CST each business day. Members also have access to ThinkHR Comply, an online resource center for all workforce questions and issues, and to ThinkHR Learn, an online training platform to develop employees and help ensure compliance.

The service includes a comprehensive package of assets available to each ProSource member:

  • SPHR and PHR certified advisors providing trustworthy guidance to prevent and resolve challenging people situations and compliance issues.
  • Extensive content library with items like insightful guides, checklists, and white papers to help businesses navigate HR, compliance, safety, and PRM issues.
  • Build a federal and state level compliant handbook incorporating unique company policies, e-signature tracking, and delivery of policy alerts as regulations change.
  • Deliver training courses on a variety of topics that adhere to compliance mandates, improve safety, foster professional development, and improve engagement.
  • Breaking compliance news, expert analysis, legislative updates, and best practices through Law Alerts, monthly newsletters, and accredited webinars.

The McQuaig Candidate Assessment Solution empowers companies with talent assessment tools that helps members hire based on fit, taking the cost of uncertainty and bias out of the hiring process.

McQuaig’s platform leverages multiple internal and external sources of data, guiding ProSource members to make accurate, data-driven decisions on a candidate’s fit. Each candidate is assessed based on criteria proven to be predictive of job performance while taking personality and behavioral traits into account for job and culture fit.

The McQuaig System is a three-step process:

  • Define. If you don’t know what you are looking for, how will you know when you find it? The McQuaig Job Survey analyzes the behavioral requirements for any job function and creates the benchmark against which all candidates are objectively assessed for fit with the job.
  • Assess. The McQuaig Word Survey assesses the behaviors candidates will bring to the job and provides insight into their fit with the job, their manager, the team, and the company culture. Employees rarely fail because they lack the experience or skills. They fail because they lack the innate behavioral qualities that an individual requires to be successful in a specific job.
  • Develop and Retain. The McQuaig Self-Development Survey provides insight and structure for employees to work on their own personal development action plan, which is reviewed by their manager. This process enhances performance management, coaching, and mentoring programs.

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