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O’Rourke Sales Company, Nationwide Marketing Group Partner To Solve Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Challenges

Nationwide members will be able to buy masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and other safety equipment from O’Rourke Sales Company to safeguard customers and employees during store reopenings.

Nationwide Marketing Group (NMG) and O’Rourke Sales Company (OSC) have joined together to ensure independent retailers have access to much-needed personal protective equipment (PPE) as more states begin announcing their plans to lift shelter-in-place orders.

The partnership gives Nationwide members the exclusive ability to purchase PPE products through a single, easy, not-for-profit program, helping to protect their customers, store associates, and delivery and install crews as stores begin to reopen.

Jake O’Rourke in the O’Rourke warehouse, receiving and breaking down cleaning supplies for the PPE equipment.

“When the pandemic started, we met as a team and set out some very simple principles to help guide OSC’s decision-making during this challenging time,” said Andrew Terry, president of O’Rourke in a statement. “Support our OSC family, help small businesses however possible, and give to local communities and front-line workers. This program accomplishes all three. We are proud to support the thousands of independent retailers who are members of Nationwide Marketing Group and are affected by this crisis as they work to get back to business – safely.”

None of the items offered are hospital- or surgical-grade, such as N95 respirators or surgical masks, and the program should not affect healthcare supply chain efforts. Items available through the O’Rourke Retail PPE Program include:

  • Reusable KN95 masks
  • Disposable masks
  • Disposable gloves
  • Disposable gowns
  • Disposable shoe covers
  • Reusable face shields or protective goggles
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Social distancing POP materials
An example of PPE supplies available to NMG members through the O’Rourke Retail PPE Program.

“Independent retailers are critical to the success of the nation’s economy,” said Derek Mattila, Nationwide’s vice president of business development in a statement. “We’ve had a number of requests for PPE from our members, and securing PPE is very challenging right now. The O’Rourke Retail PPE Program allows us to tap into an established network of suppliers to provide our members with the masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and other supplies they need to ensure a safe in-store retail experience for customers and employees.”

All items will be available for order through Nationwide’s proprietary eXchange platform and through the O’Rourke sales team.

Terry adds, “Initial orders are being placed this week with multiple supply sources, and we look forward to putting equipment in Nationwide members’ hands in early May.”

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