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Hauslane Expands To Brick And Mortar Locations With Nationwide Marketing Group

New high-performance range hood options available for independent dealers coast to coast

Hauslane Chef Series UC-PS18 (image credit: Hauslane)

Hauslane, the premium range hood manufacturer, has announced its latest independent kitchen appliance dealer-focused partnership with Nationwide Marketing Group. Following significant growth in the direct-to-consumer digital space, the Bay Area-based brand is excited to provide its lineup of high performing, aesthetically distinctive kitchen range hoods to Nationwide’s network of independent dealers across the nation.

Calvin Ruan, co-founder and CEO of Hauslane (image credit: Hauslane)

“Now that we’ve seen such encouraging growth in the digital space, our team is eager to share the Hauslane story and our products with dealers throughout the United States,” said Calvin Ruan, co-founder and CEO of Hauslane. “We believe that range hoods are too often the unsung heroes of the kitchen, and selecting a new unit as a standalone purchase or as part of a larger suite of appliances can really make a difference when it comes to delivering a brand-new cooking experience at home.”

Founded in 2018, Hauslane has enjoyed significant revenue gains in just four years by staying focused on attracting, educating and retaining consumers through a variety of digital touchpoints. Through its new partnership with Nationwide, the brand is now looking to establish a presence in showrooms and dealerships throughout the United States.

“The Hauslane team has done an exceptional job of leveraging digital marketing tools to solidify a presence in the eCommerce space, and we look forward to helping them reach our group members,” said Henry Farley, Merchandising Team Manager at Nationwide Marketing Group. “We expect that our members will enjoy building their own rapport with Calvin and his team, particularly as they leverage Hauslane’s attractive products and customer education resources in their respective markets.”

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About Hauslane
Launched in 2018, Hauslane is the world’s friendliest range hood company that has been transforming the century-old kitchen ventilation category with an easy, fun and informative purchase process. As one of the most successful and fastest growing new brands in the kitchen appliance industry, Hauslane puts people first by providing top-tier education, customer service and premium range hoods that eliminate grease and fumes from the kitchen. Its innovative and beautiful products enable home chefs to cook their favorite foods with confidence while also enhancing indoor air quality. For more information about Hauslane, call 800-929-0168 or visit

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