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ConsorcioTec Online Event Brings Training To Its Affiliate Dealers

The online event had 165 registered attendees

ConsorcioTec, the purchasing consortium for Latin American dealers and integrators, recently held their second ConsorcioTec Online event on July 23. 165 members registered for the session, which featured training opportunities to help members boost their sales through training about current issues on best business practices.

“This activity is aimed at allowing small and medium-sized companies to market and sell more,” said Max Jaramillo, Chief Integrator Advocate of ConsorcioTec™ in the introduction of the panel on sales & marketing for its regional a/v, networking and security technologies dealers and integrators.

Here are some of the presentation highlights from the event:

  • Julián Arcila, strategy director of the Pymes Go Digital agency, who shared five essential digital marketing tactics for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and how marketing technology brings efficiency. “SMEs that do not simplify processes, do not automate repetitive tasks, and do not focus more on generating real conversations with their potential customers are going to experience a complex landscape,” said Julián.
  • Ana María Suárez, web development manager of Pymes Go Digital, shared how to sell more by taking advantage of this year’s web design trends. In particular, she emphasised the importance of defining what buyers want, making them feel empowered, learning from them and teaching them about what they need from the website. “The experience is very important for the visitor, because it is what they are really going to remember. So, you have to have well structured sites, and they must sound human, and have genuine, honest content that really teaches and communicates to the buyer that they understand their problems,” said Suárez.
  • Entrepreneur Juan Carlos Yepes, director of the television program Negocios en Tu Mundo, addressed some key factors to improve sales in SMEs: from resignification to the level of sales effectiveness. “It is not about selling to meet sales goals; it is about doing it in the most intelligent way possible so that I really, with my sales work, give value to the company,” said Yepes, indicating the prospecting work that the SME leader must develop to know when to take advantage of opportunities.
  • Juan Carlos Martinez of Mexico, General Director of ConsorcioTec™ member Creatio, an integrator dedicated to the implementation of technology solutions and services, spoke about his marketing efforts during the pandemic. One of the issues he highlighted was the congruence between “what we say and do.” “We said: we want to be one of the leading companies in Mexico in audiovisual integration; we are going to work to achieve it, not only from a technological point of view, but from a great human capital,” said Martinez, pointing out recognitions obtained during the last year, including business magazine Expansión, which described the group as one of the super workspaces of 2020 that support trust and provide certainty to potential clients.

Click here to listen to the full conference (in Spanish).

About ConsorcioTec
ConsorcioTec™ is Latin America’s first dealer and integrator buyers and loyalty program counting on 67 integrator members, with a total yearly spend of over US $75M in a/v, networking and security technology equipment purchase. Additionally, ConsorcioTec seeks to create value among integrators allowing it to be a place where companies can generate improved communications with official suppliers, have the opportunity to access education and business guidance, generate new business opportunities and achieve high recognition through networking.

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