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Black Friday 2016 Watch: Most Consumers Oppose Thanksgiving Shopping

The majority of consumers think shopping on Thanksgiving Day is a real turkey.

According to a Black Friday consumer survey by shopping advice site DealNews, 56 percent of Americans are opposed or strongly opposed to stores being open on Thanksgiving, citing the holiday’s family-time tradition.

But according to DealNews, many of those opposed to Thanksgiving store hours were also dissatisfied with last year’s Turkey Day promotions, suggesting that the holiday backlash may not be entirely altruistic.

Regardless, the stay-at-home crowd could be missing out on some of the best deals of Black Friday weekend, the advice site said, based on a study of last year’s offers.

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For retailers however, to open or not to open, that is the question, as merchants weigh the goodwill gained from staying closed against the lost sales opportunity.

For what it’s worth, DealNews cited a CNN Money report suggesting that Thanksgiving Day sales volume merely cannibalizes receipts from the rest of Black Friday weekend.

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