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Best Video Conferencing Software 2020: Free And Paid Solutions For Business

Collaborate, chat and meet with co-workers and friends online using the best video conferencing platforms

Editor’s note: Using the best video conferencing software can be essential to the success of your remote workers. Our sister site TechRadar Pro has gathered and ranked the top video conferencing software, including free versions. For individual reviews of each software, visit TechRadar Pro’s guide here.

As working from home becomes increasingly common, having an effective video conferencing service has become more important than ever.

Having an effective video conferencing service can empower employee flexibility to work remotely from home, with many businesses now having multiple office locations.

Video conferencing means that none of these issues present the complications they used to, and now meetings can take place online without worrying about technical problems, accessibility, or cost.

Additionally, with increasing concerns about the carbon cost of travel to the environment, it makes sense for companies to seek to communicate face-to-face online rather than indulge in the wasteful cost to the business and environment in forcing people to travel to meet in a single location.

Normal consumer offerings such as Facetime and Zoom have made video communications a normalized part of the conversation process, especially as alternatives to Skype. The expectation is that businesses will increasingly embrace conferencing and webinar software simply because it offers so many all-round benefits, especially when using the best conference phones to ensure good quality communications.

Most of these video conferencing solutions also work with the latest business phone services, and can be used anywhere such as from remote working to call centers.

Getting an accessible and affordable tool is vital, so here is our round up of the best video conferencing services around today:

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