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Best Buy Tests Free Electronics Recycling Program

Best Buy began testing a new electronics-recycling program this month in 117 of its U.S. stores in the Baltimore, San Francisco and Minnesota markets.

The program allows customers to bring in no more than two units per day, per household, for recycling at no charge. Televisions and monitors up to 32 inches, computers, phones, cameras and other select devices and peripherals are accepted for recycling. However, the following items will not be accepted through this program:

  • televisions or monitor screens measuring more than 32 inches;
  • console televisions;
  • air conditioners;
  • microwaves; and
  • appliances, though Best Buy said it invites customers to use its haul-away and pick-up programs instead.

“CEA is thrilled that Best Buy has taken this next step to explore how to make electronics recycling more accessible and convenient for consumers,” said Parker Brugge, the Consumer Electronics Association’s environmental affairs and corporate sustainability VP. “We strongly believe that electronics recycling must be a shared responsibility between manufacturers and retailers, as well as consumers and government. CEA supports Best Buy’s effort to enable consumers to take environmentally responsible action with their consumer electronics products.”

In addition to its new test program, Best Buy will continue to offer its other electronics- and appliance-recycling options, including its recycling kiosks, appliance and television haul-away, appliance and television pick-up and its Tech Trade-In program