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Best Buy Makes A Holiday Connection

MINNEAPOLIS — As it has in summers
past, Best Buy is providing a sneak peek
at a slew of CE candidates for Santa’s
holiday satchel.

While last year’s largely private-label
selection was based on value, this year’s
fourth-quarter picks — which run the
gamut from portable health and fitness
devices to wireless speakers and IPTV
— reflect Best Buy’s central product focus:

Highlights from the retailer’s stocking
stuffer assortment include:

• the FLPR universal remote attachment
for iPhone and iPod touch from
New Potato Technologies, which allows
the Apple devices to control TVs, cable
and satellite boxes, DVRs, DVDs and receivers
(suggested retail: $80);

• the Wi-Fi-enabled Insignia Infocast,
described as a Sony Dash for moms,
which has an 8-inch LCD touchscreen
with 800 by 600 resolution for accessing
Web content like Facebook, Photobucket
and The Weather Channel, and more
than 1,500 apps from Chumby Industries
(suggested retail: $170); and

• Gaiam’s first-to-market audio yoga
mat, which connects to portable media
devices so practitioners can listen
to music or instructional programs as
they work out (suggested retail: $40).