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Azione Unlimited Welcomes Three New Vendor Partners

Vendors represent industry growth in emerging digital art, smart mattresses and wellness categories

Azione Unlimited (AU), North America’s first Smart Home Association, announced new vendor-member partnerships with Blackdove, Bryte Labs and Pure Wellness yesterday. These new additions bring expertise and products into the association that pioneer into the innovative digital art, wellness and connected home verticals.

Newly added vendor-members include:

  • Blackdove offers an art-focused 4K distribution platform for digital art, with a collection that spans over 400 artists and 1500 works of art.
  • Bryte Labs provides a breakthrough smart mattress that optimizes sleep and home wellness solutions. The Bryte Bed can connect with home control platforms and provide an organic way to incorporate wellness solutions into the home.
  • Pure Wellness, the inventor of the hospitality industry’s number one wellness amenity, introduces Pure 365, a first of its kind mobile platform that informs, educates, and empowers everyone to live better in their built environments.

“Our new vendor partners have this astonishing synergy that align with where we believe the industry is moving,” said Patrick McCarthy, Azione Unlimited Director of New Business Development and Member Services in a statement. “Our new vendor-members now represent one of the most cohesive visions in the industry, and we are excited to see our dealers tap into that potential.”

A solutions leader in both the air and water purification space, Pure wellness is offering the world’s most human-centric integrated home wellness platform. Azione Unlimited inaugurated a substantial focus on wellness during its Fall conference in Seattle, Washington, and Pure Wellness will pioneer a full-suite of education, monitoring, and preventive solutions to produce “health intelligent living spaces” for AU members. Pure Wellness also provides solutions to remove foreign particles in air and water, creating tangible benefits for clients.

Blackdove and Bryte Labs also offer new solutions that organically integrate into the current custom home ecosystem.

Bryte Labs is the creator of the Bryte Bed, a unique WiFi-connected mattress that utilizes haptic feedback, dynamic coils, and active temperature control. Bryte Bed can monitor and benchmark sleeping habits, creating feedback and encouraging smarter sleeping while integrating with several connected home devices to orchestrate scenes in the home.

Blackdove’s 4K streaming service complements the wellness concepts, allowing users to experience the nuances of nature on any panel in the home, office, or public space through dynamically changing art.

“The evolution and success of both our organization, and the industry at large, rely on meticulous research, pinpoint execution, and well-defined delivery of innovative solutions for our dealers,” said Richard Glikes, President of Azione Unlimited in a statement. “The past few years have proven that emerging categories such as lighting and shading can provide tremendous advantages for our dealers. As an organization, we realize that we need to continue to raise the bar, and we are proud to represent these new vendor-members as they become key players in that progression.”

Together, Blackdove and Bryte Labs present complementary services to clients that help leverage additional dealer solutions – such as lighting, networking, or AV – to leverage fresh opportunities for new or existing clients.

Azione is a buying group of custom installers, home technology professionals, and vendors across the U.S. and Canada. The organization currently has over 200 members, and is headquartered in Chester Springs, PA. Azione provides education, training conferences, benefits and product discounts and more to its members each year.

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