Apple Making Changes In Stores

Eliminating iPad-based smart signs, demoting iPod to accessories wall
Apple's Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan

Apple is switching things up a bit. 

The company is relegating iPods to its accessories wall while removing iPad-based smart signs from most of its retail locations. The changes will appear in Apple stores in the U.S. on Wednesday, a report said.

With the smart signs going away, Apple will display product and price information directly on the screens of the computers, iPhones and iPads on display for purchase, freeing up display space to offer more devices that consumers can play with.

The iPad 2-based smart signs confused consumers, who were unaware that the signs couldn’t be used to try out the device, store employees reportedly said. The smart signs appeared in 2011, replacing printed signs.

In moving iPods to the accessories wall, consumers will be able to pick up iPods themselves rather than wait for a product to be brought to them from inventory. The accessories wall includes such products as headphones and chargers.

iPod sales have fallen dramatically in recent years as consumers store music on their iPhones.


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