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Amazon To Invest Over $700M In Employee Training Programs

“Upskill” program to span the next six years

In an effort to help their employees expand and enhance their skill set and make meaningful career changes into more technical roles, Amazon recently announced it is dedicating more than $700 million over the next six years to provide 100,000 employees opportunities to access training programs.

Among the benefits already offered to employees, including $15 minimum wage and day-one healthcare, the training programs will be offered to employees in fulfillment centers, tech hubs, retail stores, corporate offices and transportation networks.

Additionally, the training programs aren’t limited to Amazon opportunities. Amazon employees will have the opportunity to train in high-demand areas like medicine, cloud computing, and machine learning.

“For us, creating these opportunities is just the beginning,” said Beth Galetti, Senior Vice President of Human Resources in an official statement. “While many of our employees want to build their careers here, for others it might be a stepping stone to different aspirations. We think it’s important to invest in our employees to help them gain new skills and create more professional options for themselves.”

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