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Amazon’s Dash Buttons Become A Reality

Seattle — It really wasn’t an early April Fool’s joke.

Amazon Prime members can now purchase the e-tailer’s instant-ordering Dash buttons. The Wi-Fi buttons, which cost $4.99 each, let consumers instantly order replenishments of specific products when they’re running low.

There are currently 18 different buttons available from such brands as Huggies, Glad, L’Oreal, Gatorade and, naturally, Amazon Elements, the e-tailer’s private-label line of baby wipes and other household items. The buttons can be further customized to include specific products, such as Gillette Fusion razors vs. Mach3, for example. 

According to Amazon, the Dash button responds only to the first press until the order is delivered (preventing button-happy toddlers from ordering pallets full of Kraft macaroni and cheese).

The buttons were previously available only by invitation.