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6th Ave. Ex Temiz Brings Vignettes To N.Y. CE Retail

Leon Temiz, co-founder and former CEO of metro New York regional chain 6th Avenue Electronics, launched his latest retail venture this month with the first two openings of 15 planned Electronics Expo stores in New Jersey. (See TWICE, Nov. 10, p. 6.)

What makes Expo unique in the New York metro area market is its emphasis on packaged high-end home theater systems and the home-like vignettes in which they’re showcased.

Temiz’s assortment is sandwiched between the mid-tier programs of his former 6th Ave. venue and the super-premium lines carried by local merchant Harvey’s Electronics. But, to further differentiate his new business, the products are displayed in dedicated showrooms featuring home-like exteriors and removable walls for quick re-merchandising.

Home theater packages range from $999 to $100,000. The latter, featuring a Yamaha DLP projector, Klipsch Reference Series speakers and theater seating, is located in aptly dubbed “Wow” rooms.